INFRASTRUCTURE OF ENERGY - Christopher Dowell Photography

We have the power as nation to transition to 100% renewables. We have the technology and the will. Now all we need is direct political action that is backed by the people, not by the fossil fuel industry. There is no reason we should not be heading to a 100% renewable energy future. The path to the new sustainable future has already been laid out step by step by ( ) and the methods have been proven time and time again. We have already seen in other countries and communities there has been a rise in the quality of life with a switch to renewable energy. Even in the United States we could avoid $587.4 Billion in health and medical costs and save 44,367 lives each year from air pollution related deaths. I see no reason for dragging our feet or hesitating to take action. The science is clear and the repercussions for not taking action are already here so it is time to make a change for a cleaner future.